A Cartoon Contest?

You may be asking yourself, why participate in an editorial cartoon contest? Isn’t that…fluffy?

The answer is no! Editorial cartoons are an amazing way to express a political viewpoint – and they require that you know your topic well enough to be witty and thoughtful. Teachers can use editorial cartoons to teach historical events or contemporary issues. Through participation, students will gain critical thinking skills, develop an understanding of the different elements of editorial cartoons and their use in media, and learn about the use of symbols, metaphors, satire, etc. to convey a message. In addition, this contest provides a great opportunity for cross-curricular learning – art, social science, English – this contest could be accessed by teachers across subjects as an effective teaching tool.

And if you didn’t have enough reasons to participate already, the icing on the cake is that winners of our competition receive cash prizes and have their work published on KQED.org. So have your students participate today!

Deadline: December 4th


  • California students, enrolled in grades (9-12)
  • Single pane cartoons only, no comic strips
  • Limit 1 entry person student
  • Hand drawn and computer generated cartoons are permissible
  • Original cartoons only – no copying!


Teaching resources and more contest information are on our website.


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