Civics in Action!

The topic of raising the minimum wage has received renewed attention at the local, state and national level as of late. Politicians, economists, labor unions, business owners, workers, taxpayers and governments all have a stake in this issue. So, at our December Town Hall Meeting, we turned to students to hear their thoughts, opinions and concerns about raising the minimum wage in California.

Our Curriculum Guide helped students learn all about the topic before they attended the meeting. Included in the guide are activities for students and critical thinking questions that help our young people wade through the issues and understand what minimum wage laws are all about.

At the Town Hall we heard incredibly insightful questions from the kids, about income inequality, impacts on small businesses and costs to consumers. Students were able to put into practice the things they learned in the classroom, about inflation, supply and demand.


Our esteemed panel of experts handled the student questions beautifully. This Town Hall was the perfect example of how LegiSchool connects students and state leaders to have dialogue about important policy matters.

Thank you Senator McGuire, Assemblymember McCarty, Seth Kerstein from the Legislative Analyst’s Office and Matthew Sutton from the California Restaurant Association for your participation. And a big shout out to the schools who attended: Cordova, Kennedy, Madera and Marysville High Schools. Looking forward to our next Town Hall, which is all about regulating sugary drinks.