And the winners are…

In 2014, LegiSchool introduced an editorial cartoon contest into our portfolio of civic education opportunities, and the response we received was overwhelmingly positive. So, we’ve made the contest an annual affair!

Each year, we partner with KQED’s The Lowdown to invite high school students to express their opinions on current issues by creating an original editorial cartoon. The purpose of the contest is to incite critical thinking on contemporary issues by young people in our state. Winning entries receive cash prizes and are published on the KQED website.

Students were allowed to submit a cartoon based on any issue that is relevant to California this year. As you can see from the results, we had a diverse set of topics and viewpoints. Thank you to all of our participating students, from 19 high schools across the state: Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Academy of the Canyons, Buhach Colony High School, Century High School, Costa Mesa High School, Culver City High School, Cypress High School, Hueneme High School, Kearny High School, Mission San Jose High School, North High School, Notre Dame High School, Palo Alto High School, Poway High School, Rowland High School, Sacramento Academic and Vocational High School, South Tahoe High School, Valhalla High School, and Walnut High School

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Grand Prize Winner ($150)
Vanessa Harding, 9th Grade
Culver City High SchoolHarding

Runners Up, In Alphabetical Order ($100 each)
Carolyn Ge, 10th Grade
Mission San Jose High SchoolGe

Mallika Gupta, 10th Grade
Mission San Jose High SchoolGupta

Jillian Mara, 11th Grade
North High SchoolMara

Isabella Uchimura, 10th Grade
Culver City High SchoolUchimura

We had so many wonderful cartoons, we decided to also feature our finalists (in alphabetical order)*:
*We only published finalists who granted us permission

Sara Alamillo, Culver City High SchoolAlamillo

Amanda Beoz, Valhalla High SchoolBeoz

Ulises Bucio, Kearny High SchoolBucio

Isabella Bustanoby, Culver City High SchoolBustanoby

Ashley Chang, Mission San Jose High SchoolChang

YiJan Chen, Mission San Jose High SchoolChen

Michelle Dalarossa, Mission San Jose High SchoolDalarossa

Lismary Escamilla, Culver City High SchoolEscamilla

Allison Goldsmith, Culver City High SchoolGoldsmith

Srishti Goswamy, Culver City High SchoolGoswamy

Jonathan Gutwirth, Culver City High SchoolGutwirth

Ashley Han, Culver City High SchoolHan_A

Sabrina Han, Rowland High SchoolHan_S

Iris Huang, Rowland High SchoolHuang

Ashley Jara, Culver City High SchoolJara

Pippy Jones, Culver City High SchoolJones

Andrew Kan, Mission San Jose High SchoolKan

Miles Kieler, Costa Mesa High SchoolKieler

Amber Lee, Mission San Jose High SchoolLee

Michelle Liang, Rowland High SchoolLiang

Anna Lin, Culver City High SchoolLin

Sarah Mohedin, Valhalla High SchoolMohedin

Siena Nellis, Culver City High SchoolNellis

Rebecca Netzel, Culver City High SchoolNetzel

Michelle Ngo, North High SchoolNgo

Lucille Njoo, Mission San Jose High SchoolNjoo

Howard Park, Rowland High SchoolPark

Peri Reynaldo, Culver City High SchoolReynaldo

Sydney Rich, Culver City High SchoolRich

Lauren Ring, Academy of the CanyonsRing

Kristen Sison, Kearny High SchoolSison

Cameryn Thompson, Kearny High SchoolThompson

Zen Thumparkkul, Mission San Jose High SchoolThumparkkul

Manuel Velazquez, Century High SchoolVelazquez

Allison Win, Rowland High SchoolWin




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