Essay Winners Visit Sacramento!

On Wednesday, March 8th LegiSchool had the pleasure of hosting 10 high school students at our annual Legislative Summit, held at the State Capitol. Our essay contest winners had the opportunity to speak with members of the state legislature; as well as education policy experts on the topic of deciding to delay school start times.

To start the day, students were given an introduction to state government by the Executive Director of the Center for California Studies, Steve Boilard. We then welcomed our panelists, Assemblymember O’Donnell, Jeanice Warden, and Senator Portantino to discuss with our students a new bill (SB 328) on delaying school start times. While students had the opportunity to ask the panelists questions, they witnessed lawmakers tackle education policy firsthand.

In the afternoon, students were led on a VIP tour of the State Capitol. They visited the Assembly and Senate galleries. Students were then introduced to the legislative side of the building. Their guide discussed with them the next generation’s role in state government and encouraged them to participate early.

all students, tour 2.jpgPhoto taken by Fountain Valley High School teacher Sean Ziebarth

Following the tour, students attended their final panel. This panel focused on the policy concerns of delaying school start times. Education representatives from the state, district and county answered students’ questions on school funding, local vs. state government and how the proposed legislation (SB 328) would affect their communities.


The day ended with the students visiting their representative’s offices. Each student left their member’s offices excited after being individually recognized and congratulated by their representatives.  For some students, this is a once in a lifetime chance and we are so pleased students enjoyed themselves in Sacramento!

Many thanks to the panelists, chaperones, presenters, lawmakers and their staff that contributed to making our summit a success!



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