Our Cartoon Contest Winners!

Each year, California high school students from around the state submit their cartoons to our newest contest, our editorial cartoon contest. We encourage students to submit cartoons inspired by issues unique to California. This contest is a great way to encourage students to express themselves through creating political cartoons. Our winners receive cash prizes and have their artwork published by one of our partners, KQED’s The Lowdown.

The variety of cartoons we received this year was impressive and choosing just five winners was extremely tough! Many thanks to the 22 schools that participated: El Monte High School, Culver City High School, Herbert Hoover High School, Warren High School, Sacramento High School, Granada Hills Charter High School, Terra Linda High School, John F. Kennedy High School, NP3 Charter High School, Gerber Jr/Sr High School, Poway High School, Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School, Berkeley High School, American Canyon High School, Dinuba High School, North & South Torrance High School, Irvine High School, Richard Gahr High School, North Salinas High School, Gretchen Whitney High School, and Aspire Ollin University Prep High School. 

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And without further delay, the results:

Grand Prize Winner ($150)

Kai Henthorn-Iwane, 11th Grade

Berkeley High School 


Runners Up, in Alphabetical Order ($100 each) 

Brittany Almanza, 10th Grade

Poway High School 

almanza blog.JPG

Immanoelle Espiritu, 9th Grade

Granada Hills Charter High School

I. Espiritu.jpg

Kayla Kressin, 10th Grade

Poway High School

blog kre.JPG

Brandan Wong, 11th Grade

John F. Kennedy High School 

B. Wong.jpg

Honorable Mentions, in alphabetical order

Ana Belcher, 10th Grade

Culver City High School 

A. Belcher.jpg

Stephen Carag, 11th Grade

Richard Gahr High School

S. Carag.jpg

Brenda Nguyen, 12th Grade

Irvine High School 

B. Nguyen.jpg

Finalists (in alphabetical order)

*we only published finalists who granted us permission

Esmeralda Benavidez, 12th Grade

Culver City High School 

E. Benavidez.jpg

Daisy Gomez, 12th Grade

North Salinas High School 

D. Gomez.jpg

Katie Handler, 12th Grade

Culver City High School

K. Handler.jpg

Mikaela Larecy, 11th Grade

South Torrance High School M. Larecy.jpg

Isaac Lee, 10th Grade

Gretchen Whitney High School 

isaac_lee (1).jpg

Bing Mo, 12th Grade

Torrance High School

Bing Mo.JPG 

Elisa Ribordy, 9th Grade

Culver City High School

blog ribordy.JPG

Reina Robles, 10th Grade

Granada Hills Charter High School 

Reina Robles.JPG

Cole Rossi, 11th Grade

South High School 

C. Rossi.jpg

Alyssa Uyeda, 11th Grade

Culver City High School 

blog uyeda.JPGKelley Vo, 12th Grade

American Canyon High School 

K. Vo.jpg

Ana Wong, 10th Grade

Culver City High School 

A. Wong.jpg


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